Break The Circle! (or look like one)

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Break The Circle! (or look like one)

14th Mar 2014

Round and round and round!

The circle that most people find themselves in is the stress/eat/stress circle. It’s very difficult to break this constant fight against habits and triggers. I often say that you can’t fix a 20 year habit problem with a five pound class. If you has took you 20 years to form certain habits, then why do we think we can change overnight? The reality is that we can’t in most cases.

Step one is to understand that we are being conditioned to believe in quick fixes. If we apply a bit of logic to this, if we have spent 10 years getting fat, do you think that this can be fixed in 10 days? We all want to use what psychologists call “the point of least resistance” this means humans like to find the quickest and easiest way to get the job done.

I am assuming some of you are nodding at this moment...

This is where the “circle” causes problems..


When certain things happen, that triggers certain behaviours. Alarm clock goes off so we get up and so on. Every day we do things based on certain reminders and triggers. Things like having breakfast and going to work. These are triggers. Food is a MASSIVE trigger. For most people its kick back from stress or boredom. Personally I believe this one of the major reasons why diets fail. Most people encounter stress every day. Do you think that will change because you are trying to eat healthy? I doubt it.

How to break the circle

This is tough, I make no bones about it. You know that you will walk into the office on that first “good” day and you will be faced with stress and a packet of biscuits. There is no easy way to deal with this, however here are three tactics that will help.

  • Associated Feelings: Every time you have a good day on food or after you exercise, I would write down how you feel. Sounds odd? Try it. What we are doing here is positive re-enforcement. With time (be patient) you will start to see that eating healthy and exercising is better for you than eating crap. Keep writing it down!!!!
  • Keep yourself full Despite what the press and most diet companies say, you don’t need to eat less, just eat right. The easier way to do this is to start your day with a HUGE breakfast of eggs, meat, nuts or good quality porridge oats (organic rolled oats are best) This has nothing to d with metabolism or anything like that, it’s to do with keeping yourself full in the morning so you make better choices throughout the day.
  • Exercise Not ground breaking or new but powerful. Even a 30 minute walk in the fresh air in the morning can make you feel so much better. Here is the thing, you don’t need to run marathons or lift heavy. Just do something. 30-45 minutes moderate intensity is fine. We are training for health not performance.


It’s always a good idea before you start a weight loss journey to look at the big picture. It scares people to know that most diet and exercise plans are available on the internet for free. You can literally spend less than £20 and get everything you need to be lean and fit for life. The problem is that we face challenges such as the “circle” and it causes us to fail. I wish I could tell you that you can just change everything overnight but I can’t. You can use tactics and strategy to play the game. If you get stressed, you will eat. Put in place measures to stop this and you tick one large box when it comes to winning the weight loss war.