The Best Hangover Cure Ever! A Pair Of Trainers!

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The Best Hangover Cure Ever! A Pair Of Trainers!

11th Mar 2014

Protecting You From Well, You!

Back in my wild youthful days I used to love to go out drinking! Hence why I reached 18 stone at 27 I may add! Anyway, as I worked close to the party capital of Birmingham and we used to have casual dress Fridays. I would more often than not end up drunk and out till all hours. I promised myself I wouldn’t go out and all sorts yet it never seemed to work. One day though I realised something, I couldn’t be trusted! So I devised a cunning plan....

I decided that on a Friday I would wear my trainers instead of my shoes. In those days, you couldn’t get into clubs etc without shoes so trainers meant I couldn’t go out until all hours even if I wanted to! I used to call them my “insurance policies” It didn’t always end up as simple as that but more often than not it worked like a dream! Now before you think “what the bloody hell am I waffling about” there is a point here!

Will Power SUCKS!

Have I mentioned that will power sucks? I am sure I have. I have also mentioned that will power doesn’t exist either. It is amazing how we have been brain washed into believing in something that isn’t actually real. It isn’t actually measurable either so how can we be expected to improve it? The simple answer is that you can’t. You have to do what I did with my trainers and protect yourself from yourself!

Cookies & Radishes

There was a study done on will power where three groups of people were told to resist cookies after not eating for three hours. The control group had to resist radishes. After a certain time frame, the groups then had to try and solve some “unsolvable” puzzles and see how long they lasted before they gave up. The group that had been resisting the cookies gave up surprisingly fast! Why? Because they had used all their mental strength trying to resist the damn cookies!

Kind of like walking into the office hungry and it’s someone’s birthday, no? You know, the mountain of yellow ‘food’ you are presented with?

Finding Your Trainers

So here is the rub, stop trying to eat one biscuit and then stare at the packet for the rest of the day. As Socrates said “Know thyself” and get the temptation away from you. This is not about blame and trying to be perfect. It’s about getting the job done. You have enough worries in your life and trying to avoid eating rubbish should not be added to the list unnecessarily.

So I recommend doing what works for you. I find that eating loads of protein, fat and vegetables keeps me full so I don’t get cravings. I also find that having no junk food in the house is MASSIVE when it comes to “knowing thyself” I do not know anyone that maintains a healthy eating plan with junk food in the house, and I mean NO ONE. You have to know thyself and put in place restrictions to stop you from doing stupid stuff. This isn’t because you lack will power this is because you are you.


In my opinion, it is better to focus on “real” things and activities that make the biggest differences. Blaming yourself for lacking “will power” when it isn’t real causes excess stress. It’s not like looking at a bank balance and seeing no money, you can count more money, you can’t count more will power. I promise that this concept alone has made A HUGE difference in the weight loss results we get. First stage, know thyself and then put in place concrete protective strategies that ensure you stick to the plan. Trust me, I remember being so frustrated that I had worn my trainers all those times. My liver thanked me as well!