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Write Yourself Thin.....

05th Mar 2014

The Only Real Weight Loss Quick Fix

"The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking."

Albert Einstein

Most people find weight loss extremely difficult. The need for quick results and fads has exploded in recent times as the paradox of weight loss grows. That paradox is that people want to reduce their body weight in short term yet maintain the same habits in the long term. I call this “succeeding to fail” it’s the old, “now I have lost weight I can go back to eating what I used to” gig. I know this because I bloody did it many years ago. It took me YEARS to nail the right habits and behaviours to keep the weight off for good.

Me being me, I love a good experiment so decided to put into practice a principle that helps build and educate the one thing that makes all the difference, the brain or more accurately your thoughts

Ever noticed that no one really talks about mindset changes when it comes to weight loss? One reason is that if we can control ourselves, we don’t really need to buy products to do it for us, think about one! Here is my experiment.

7 Days, Nine Pounds Lost & No Contact.

Through the joy that is Facebook, I contacted two people and asked to conduct the following experiment: For seven days, I wanted them to write down a realistic weight they wanted to be by the end of that time. This was every morning and every night. So if it was me, I would write down “I am 13 stone 7 on (end of week) This is all I asked them to do. I gave them no dietary advice and no exercises to do. Notice the "I am" instead of "I want to be" If you say "I am" you start to act like your "are" that weight instead of just "wanting" to be! This is really powerful. Anyway, the first person lost three pounds and the second person lost six pounds!

It’s Magic....!!!

Well not really! Both people reported that the constant focus on the weight they wanted to be helped to improve their day to day habits. This is a shift from the usual “hate myself and never get anywhere” approach to weight loss. Just by focusing the mind on the job in hand, the subjects lost weight without any guidance from me or any other trainer.

The theory behind this is that we get what we focus on, good or bad. Most people set weight loss goals like “I don’t want to fat” which focuses them on the problem and not the solution. What this did was prove that even without the help of a professional you possibly have all the skills you need already. You potentially just need to focus your energy and thoughts on what you want. If you then continue this on a daily basis then eventually you will train your brain to do only those things in line with your focus. No pills, no shakes and no extreme exercise routines.


I won’t make this anymore complicated that than really and I will share this tactic with you for free. I guarantee that if you do this every morning and every night, you will notice a shift in the way you think about your weight. One word of warning, if you do this with the belief that it isn’t going to work, it won’t. I would avoid trying to do anything that you don’t believe will work. If however you are stuck in a weight loss rut, then all you need to do is write down every day and night: “I am (realistic weight) on (date)” I would start off with a couple of pounds per week and go from there. Honestly give this a try!