Rise Of The Weight Loss Weirdo

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Rise Of The Weight Loss Weirdo

29th Jan 2014

When Did Health Become Weird?

Not many people look at the whole picture when they try and lose weight. I have always said that the hardest battle is not the diet and exercise but the stuff that surrounds it. One of those things is the way we often see exercise as a punishment and food as a reward. This level of thinking is dangerous as we can start a weight loss journey with a negative frame of mind.

Let’s be honest here, the fitness industry has a lot to answer for. The whole “no pain and no gain” thing is wearing a bit thin. It’s kind of like there are two tribes of people in society. You have the fit on one hand and the fat on the other hand. We see images of pain on overweight people’s faces when they train. Red faces and sweating aplenty on TV shows and the like. The funny thing is, I maintain a healthy body fat and I am never ill. I hardly ever train to the point of collapsing yet I have a good standard of fitness. Before you say it, when I was overweight, I didn’t train to the point of collapsing either. Why then, do most people think they need to do it today?

Social Health Norms

In my opinion, we are noticing a shift in society. When I lost weight, one of the key things I did was realize that being unhealthy is not normal. I felt really weird when I lost weight and wasn’t eating the same food as everyone else. This comes down to a lot of peoples need to be accepted by others. People will literally make themselves fat because of what others think of them.

Food has such strong social links that a lot of people bond over food. Brunches, lunches and dinners out are very common. A lot of times, these meals are not meat and vegetables. This can pose a bit threat when people try and get healthy and lose weight. Food pushers are quite common. In a lot of occasions, food pushing is done quite innocently. The problem is that people don’t understand how much impact one biscuit can have. For some people who really struggle with cravings, that one biscuit can cause a chain reaction that can ruin a whole eating plan. Sound over the top? Anyone that has demolished a whole packet after just one knows exactly what I am talking about.

“Working Things Off” With Exercise.

One thing you tend to never hear fitness professionals say is “I am going to work off that meal” In reality, professionals that you can’t work things off, you need to work things on! This means that you need to exercise first and then your body will “use” whatever you eat (to a certain degree) So take that as your first bit of advice, don’t try and burn things off as it doesn’t really work.

The second piece of advice I will give is that exercise doesn’t have to be a crazy chore all the time. If you really want to push yourself then that’ cool but it is my belief that human beings aren’t designed to be smashed to pieces all the time. If we look at top athletes, they train hard for say an hour and then rest. This is so they can get the maximum performance in the time required. A lot of normal people and recreational exercisers train harder than they need to because they are trying to balance out a poor diet.


After reading that, did any of it sound familiar? I see so many people fail when trying to get healthy because they either try too hard or they are too strongly influenced. I will let you in on a little secret. Human beings are not supposed to unhealthy. We are actually born healthy and we spoil it with time. All you are doing by getting fit and healthy is going back to what you should be. Take it steady with the training as well, going faster isn’t always the answer. You have to get your nutritional habits right first and then go from there. Don’t get sold down the river on some silly exercise plan before you have had the right coaching support on your day to day nutritional habits.

Be clear with those around you about what you are trying to do. Make sure you get the right social support. If you need to make some adjustments in your social circles then do it. Your health is too important I would argue. It is very hard constantly swimming against the tide so ensure that you have some support in place.