Stop going round in circles!

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Stop going round in circles!

02nd Jan 2014

Resolve don't revolve!

So, now is the time of year when many of us think about the coming year and what we want to achieve or do better. You 'resolve' to do this but not everyone manages to fulfil their plans by the end of the next year and it all starts again...hence the revolve!

Right then, how do you make sure that you don't have to go around again and never succeed in your resolutions? Well firstly I suggest taking a look at Terry Brock's post just below this one and I also suggest that you work on your 'mindset' as it's called, or to put it plainly, how you see yourself and your resolutions.

Ask yourself:

What do I want to achieve? Is there anything you don't like about you/your life/your body that you would like to change? Don't try to change too much at once – you're more likely to slip back if you do. But remember, you don't have to have a resolution if you don't want to, just because everyone else is doing it does not mean you need to. Likewise just because everyone else is planning to lose weight for their resolution does not necessarily mean you have to also.

Why do I want to achieve this?If you're unclear about your reasons you can't begin to reach your goals. Know why you are doing something before you start, question yourself carefully, you might find that you really want something different from your initial idea.

What might stop me? Life is not all plain sailing and we'll all face some challenges along the way but if you know what they might be and can prepare for them then you stand more chance of success. Who or what might get in your way? What can you do about it? Does it mean that your initial resolution needs reviewing again?

What/who could help me?As well as blockers there will be supporters for your actions, seek them out, enlist their support directly – talk to them! As well as people there may be actions or equipment that could help you, do them or find them! Take responsibility for your resolutions and make it happen – if you don't then it won't.

Just thinking up resolutions is not enough you need more to make them happen or you'll be back to going round in circles again each year!