Making your resolution a reality

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Making your resolution a reality

29th Dec 2013

Four essential strategies to make your New Year's fitness resolution a reality

It's that time of year when you have been, or will be, considering your New Year's resolution(s), so I thought I'd compile an essentials list to make your New Year's fitness resolution a reality.

1. Set realistic, behaviour-based goals.

For instance, don't focus on how much weight you want to lose but on the actions you need to do to achieve it. Identify the exercise and nutrition habits you need to change and then get to work.

2. Keep it simple!

If you think your goals are easy, great! You'll be more likely stick tothem when life gets in the way. Remember, consistency is key!

3. Write it down and review it regularly.

This will help to keep you focused.

4. Share your resolution with others and get support.

This can be in the form of a Personal Trainer, a Coach, friends or family. The more people you tell, the more accountable you'll be and consequently, the more committed you'll become to achieving your goals.