Killing Us Sweetly! Part One

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Killing Us Sweetly! Part One

22nd Dec 2013

The History of ‘Sugar Coating’

To begin this article, let me ask you a question, “Do you think that sugar is harmless?” Another way to re-phrase this could be, “Do you believe sugar is okay as long as it is moderated?” I have written in depth about sugar before and how it can cause over eating and also other metabolic disorders. After reading a few books from the 1960’s and 1970’s, it appears that a lot of knowledge and warnings about the dangers of sugar were made public and then ignored.

The challenge we face with modern nutrition advice is more to do with ignorance than anything else. It’s not most people don’t believe too much sugar is bad, we just ignore it. I believe that if people were given the facts in a simple manner, we would be able to make better judgements. I mean if you knew what potential harm sugar could to a child, would you still give to your kids harmlessly? This isn’t a question of whether you are a good parent or not, it’s just the facts based on what this stuff can do.

Learning to Accept Things.

I will be writing a series of articles on different ways sugar can mess with our health. The first thing we need to do is set some ground rules about how this information should be taken. If you are reading this, I am assuming you have an open mind. It’s cool to disagree with anything I say, however if you want to get the best out of this, you need accept that some the information stated “may” be true.

People often say to me “that can’t be true” when I talk the potential effects of sugar. I guess we struggle to accept that something legal can be so harmful. Here is the first thing to consider, if something can’t kill on the spot then it doesn’t have to that heavily regulated. If something doesn’t “directly” influence your ability to function mentally then it can be sold to children. That’s why alcohol isn’t on sale to kids and sugar is, however, at a metabolic level, they have very similar impacts on health. That goes under the heading of “that can’t be true” for now. I will discuss this later.

Money Talks.

Common sense should prevail in situations like this so let’s remove the emotion for a bit and talk sense. If sugar is potentially addictive (if you are a chocolate addict then I am sure you will agree) how easy is it to sell something that people want to eat more of? Who do you think has more of a say, a massive multi-billion sugar company or a local butcher? This surely must be common sense?? Why do you believe that a company interested in profit alone would care about your health? The first mistake we believe that everyone is honourable. The truth is that a company has a target to hit, if people get sick from a “safe” product then why would they worry? I know how this sounds but why concern yourself with it, if there are tablets that can fix the illnesses? Can you see the pattern here? Stay with me on this


Look at the reality of things, we have an obesity pandemic on our hands. Obesity is now more prominent in the world than starvation. Diabetes type 2 which is mans most preventable illness has doubled since 1990. We cannot ignore this when we consider sugar as a driver for illness. We cannot bury our head in the sand much longer. Stay tuned!