One Amazing Tip For Avoiding Christmas Weight Gain

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One Amazing Tip For Avoiding Christmas Weight Gain

02nd Dec 2013

Get Back To Ground Zero over Christmas

One of my goals as a personal trainer and weight loss coach this Christmas is to educate people on the benefits of staying the course with your health and fitness goals. I understand that everyone relaxes a bit this time of year and that’s cool however there some simple things you can do to limit the damage in January. Trust me, I will say it again, that January crash to Earth is painful to watch.

I have been looking at systems recently and how well human beings react to having a structure to follow. If you have an effective structure to follow then any little slips you may encounter this Christmas can be managed with a good system.

Base Camp

Weight loss is a bit like climbing a mountain. When you climb a mountain, you need to stop every so often and set up camp. This is so you can re-energise and plot the next move. I would use this as example for having a good system to follow over Christmas. If you have an effective system for your diet, you can always go back to it should you struggle.

If you have a few nights out over the festive period that’s fine and this won’t do the damage, it’s those daily slips in discipline that make the difference. If you have the right base camp, the right dietary system then you will manage Christmas better than anyone else.

The Right System

There is a strong link between elevated blood glucose levels and weight gain. Sugar and flour consumption tend to have the most impact on blood glucose levels. Here is what I need you to do, if you have nights out planned, enjoy them. If you want to manage your weight effectively over Christmas, the best way to do this is to restrict your consumption of sugar and flour when you are not out partying.

It is really easy to let one night turn into a week and then two weeks. There are 26 days (take three off for Christmas) including today in December for you to make a difference. I promise if you manage your sugar and flour consumption then this will become a lot easier. This is how you get back to base camp over Christmas and not get excessively fat.


Do what the champions do. Be like the successful people. Do not follow the crowd. This is your time to shine and be different. 26 days including today to improve, 26 days to be your best and 26 days to stay on course. This won’t appeal to most people but those that it does, I promise you will have the prize and you will have your beach body in February.