Christmas Is Coming & Everybody Getting Fat!

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Christmas Is Coming & Everybody Getting Fat!

22nd Nov 2013

Stand Out From the Christmas Crowd

Christmas is on its way! The festive adverts are as colourful and bright as ever and everyone is heading to town to spend thousands on presents and festive cheer! Brilliant! I like Christmas, I really do, however from a fitness and health point of view, we tend to have a good idea about what is going to happen to most people in the next few weeks. Call me a cynic but the January lull will hit and then everyone that wants to exercise will be dragging their ass into a crowded gym and trying to work out. This is not pleasant at all.

I can run up to the tallest building in the land and scream at people “don’t get fat you will regret it on January the 5th” however only a hand full would listen. What I intend to do with this blog is discuss rather obscure tactics that may help you out and avoid that extra Christmas weight gain.

Why would you get fat in the first place?

The best place to start with the key question that under pined everything. Why would you get fat in the first place? There are two reasons for this. One is the physical response and one is the mental one. Your brain won’t make you fat however your beliefs will. The problem of getting fat over Christmas is a mental one coupled with chocolate covered everything.

The trouble is most people have given up on anything related to health and fitness already and it’s only November. I love the excuses personally and would prefer people just to be honest. If you want to shut up shop and stop training and eating well over Christmas that’s fine, just don’t expect your body to “let you off” because it won’t. It will get fat no matter what time of it is. Sorry to be brutal but this is common sense. If you stop now, you run the risk of getting fat and then trying to trudge the long road back in January.

How you can prevent Christmas weight gain

I am not going to give you some silly list about how to survive the Christmas party, if you want to party, knock yourself out. What I am going to do is give you some practical tips on how you sort your head out so you don’t cave too easily.

The first thing I want you to do is make a long list of all the reasons why you like to stay fit and healthy. Remember why you are doing this and ask yourself one serious question Why would I stop now? Christmas is a few days and it doesn’t have to be a few weeks. I love chilling out with friends and family but don’t use this as an excuse to have a fortnight long party. Everything you are currently doing works just as well in December as it does in January. Keep training and keep eating well. Keep those goals at the fore front of your mind. This isn’t about spoiling everyone’s fun, it’s about preventing the crash down to Earth in January.


Ok Scrooge, wind your neck in! Hang on a minute, go look on the streets and hand pick the amount of people that are smiling or are genuinely happy. Why then, would you follow the pack? If you want long lasting fitness and health success, you have to be consistent, end of. If you stop for a few weeks, this becomes a lot harder. Stay the course and be a champion.