Christmas Cheer & Your Rear!

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Christmas Cheer & Your Rear!

08th Nov 2013

New Year, New....No Now!!!!

As we hit November and December and winter kicks in, most fitness and exercise plans go out of the window. To add to this, the supermarkets have started stocking chocolate coated everything just in time for Christmas. The fitness industry has a mad panic at this time of year trying to convince people to keep on training even though the dark nights are here and everyone wants to stay home and keep warm.

Speaking from my own experience as someone that has lost 5 stone and kept it off for the last eight years, I find this behaviour a little bit strange. I mean to be honest we store fat all year round so there shouldn’t be any need for us to treat our health as seasonal. The first point I want to make in the nicest possible way is that you can’t expect for hibernate for winter and expect this to be a doddle in January. Weight loss is hard enough and giving up for 2/3 months will only serve to make this even harder.

There are some simple things you can do over winter if you want to avoid the January crash. Here are my top three tips! (Check me out with the list and everything)

  1. Food, food and food. As I mentioned before, you body does not care what time of year it is. It will store fat if you give it the wrong signals. This means that all that festive cheer will go straight to your rear if you are not careful. I would recommend planning ahead and only “cheating” on days when you are going out to parties or similar. Don’t eat caught up in the comfort food trap as this is a slippery slope.
  2. Exercise. Okay, you may not be as eager to go out running or rolling round in the mud when it’s cold and wet but stopping training in the winter is a classic reason for long term weight gain. It is far better to do something than nothing as well. Even if you need to do an exercise DVD indoors 3 times per week or go walking 5 times per week this is better than nothing. My advice is keep doing something at all costs. I promise you this will make everything easier come January.
  3. Mindset. Think about it for a moment. We are becoming a nation of mostly overweight and obese people. If we follow everyone else, won’t we end up like everyone else?? Sorry to say it but we choose popularity over our own health sometimes (I still do this to this day sometimes) If you look at the people that stay lean, fit and healthy all year round they will be training in December and January. The mental benefit of training through adverse conditions is massive. Trust me on this one.

Most people will generally follow the crowd and hibernate. I guarantee that if you maintain a healthy lifestyle when the halls are decked with holly, you can enjoy it more. I see people in the New Year and it’s like the World has ended come January 5th. This happens every year and one of the reasons is the heroic food intake and lack of activity that the festive period brings.

Quick disclaimer here, I am not saying that you shouldn’t enjoy Christmas, because I will! (brandy snaps people) What I am saying is that we can have fun and maintain healthy living with a plan and some preparation! Have fun everyone and contact me if you need any support.