Overcoming the dreaded plateau

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Overcoming the dreaded plateau

07th Nov 2013

With most training or diet regimes there comes a point where you get stuck with the weights that you lift or the weight that you are. The dreaded plateau. This can be very demotivating and some people give up and fail to move on because of it. So, how do you get past this?

Change to and move on

'If you do what you've always done you'll get what you've always got' – or so the saying goes. So change what you're doing to get over that sticking point...

Trying to lose weight?

Been stuck for weeks at a weight you're not happy with? Look at everything you're eating, change it! Try some new foods, try different meal times, try different drinks (drop and the tea or coffee perhaps!). Try your new regime for a few weeks to see if it works and if it does you can keep on it or go back to where you came from – that will be another change, now!

Trying to lift more weight?

Stuck at one weight or number of reps? Can't lift any more? Change the exercises. Hit the same body parts but change the exercises you do. You could even change the type of exercise you do a for a few sessions just to take your mind off the problem, you might even find some other exercise you like in the process. After a few sessions of the 'new stuff' go back and have another go at your original goal – you may not be able to achieve it immediately but you should find that you can begin to move on up.

Trying to run faster?

If your tempo runs aren’t getting any quicker try some hill runs for strength before hitting the speed again. You could try a few gym sessions to build leg strength too. It may also be a good idea to look at your weight too – a few kg's here and there can make a big difference without any extra strength. Go join a club and run with others, if you've not done so already, or run with a different group in your club.

Feeling really demotivated?

Perhaps you need a rest? Stop banging your head off your goal, have a rest and go back to your challenge when you feel ready. Sometimes a rest is as good as a change.

Whatever your challenge if you're stuck and need further advice give us a shout!