No train, no gain? How to avoid fitness boredom

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No train, no gain? How to avoid fitness boredom

07th Mar 2012

The weight loss activity must match the weight loss goal

We are having a little bit of a debate at the moment at bootcamp about weight loss and exercise. I used to get quite dogmatic about the intensity of training but I have changed tact a little bit based on people’s individual needs. For some, a little bit of fitness activity is better than none. The problem can arise when we break through this initial barrier and need to get better results.

Progression is a buzz word in the fitness industry. The issue is that most people (including me!) are naturally inclined to do what is easy rather than what is right. Losing weight is awesome but can soon turn sour if results slow down. This is why progression is essential.

The key differences between physical activity and training.

The easiest way to describe the difference between activity and training is that training is more goal specific. As creative creatures, we need goals and we need to be stretched. Most of the time, we feel really de-motivated when we are achieving something. Ever had a really productive day? How did you feel? I bet you felt great. Ever had a day where you sat around not doing much? How did you feel? I bet deep down on some level, you were disappointed.

If you have had a go at exercise or fitness and given up, I reckon it was for one of two reasons. It was too hard or surprising, too easy. I get more grief at bootcamp when the training is too easy than too hard! How does that work? It is the way we are designed. We get too stressed if things are too hard and get bored if things aren’t challenging enough!

How to avoid boredom in a fitness program

In the health and fitness game, some people train people as a “job” and can have its draw backs. Ever had that Monday morning feeling? Imagine having that feeling and trying to motivate others to get moving! It’s difficult. I personally would avoid any class or trainer than can’t make you feel good and just ticks boxes. This means a lack of care which normally means a lack of progression as well.

If you are a fortunate position and have the discipline to train yourself. I would always recommend doing research on how to improve and increase your intensity. The 3 sets of 15 that you did a few weeks ago may not be enough now. The 30 minutes at level 8 on the treadmill may not be stretching you enough. Spend a little time investing to avoid getting bored and stopping. That won’t help anyone really.

In conclusion, activity is awesome and has its place but remember to progress and adapt to achieve bigger and better things, sometimes you may need to train a little bit as well.