Chia the Tarahumara & us Part III - Part 3 Evolution/Devolution

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Chia the Tarahumara & us Part III - Part 3 Evolution/Devolution

08th Feb 2012

Our rapid evolution means we have so many luxuries, that I believe many now see as must haves, our ability to make life easier as actually made us lazy; I would go as far as saying our current evolution is leading to devolution or negative evolution.

Could this actually be how the Human race ends?! This may seem worrying and I’d be lying if it wasn’t. Affecting our children’s, children to do the simplest physical actions...

The great news is we can help fix, reset so that our descendants can carry on living.

I’d like to take this moment to state that I have no qualifications in human behaviour or evolution as such, but with a mix between my geology studies where I’ve seen creatures become extinct, and my reading into such subjects as human evolution, tribal civilizations, our current growth in technology over the last 100 years, alongside observation of everyday attitudes to life, I have based opinion and thought up action. On the subject of evolution/devolution/extinction (what extinction!).

So the fix is simple, getting out and being active, limit technology in your life, don’t scrap it because in a basic form it’s a great tool, but too much can prevent our active brain as more and more it can do tasks for us, this is not a good sign for evolution. Eating naturally, preparing our own food. If you look back through my previous blogs they indicate ways of helping prevent our evolution into devolution, my fist “Don’t let life get you down, climb a tree”, talks about getting active naturally getting away from man-made obstruction; “beware of the killer chair”, shows how some of our creations are inhibiting our evolution; and the first two parts of this show how a tribe lives and how we can use that to view our past ways “Chia, the Tarahumara & us part I & part II”.

Now I know many who might think this is all rubbish, complete useless info that has no bearing on life and that the way we live is fine. To that I apologise, but you need to hear this, these theories, ideas, life lessons are all based on facts, scientific research. Changes need to be made! The simple changes need to be made for the sake of the people around you and your descendants!

It all got serious up there!

So now you’re scared, or at least a bit peed off, let’s move on. Make small changes gradually, Start watching an hour less TV per day, spend less time on the internet, spend an hour away from your phone even turn it off and spend some technology free time with a loved one. Stop using household appliances for simple jobs. Walk more drive less, go for a slow run here and there. Find an open place, stand or lie down or wander and wonder for an hour. Believe in something amazing; work hard for the people you love and enjoyment, not for wealth and power.

Believe in the Human Race!


There are many more intelligent, qualified (relative to the subject) people to listen to rather than me so why not...