How to beat daily stress! Part Four

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How to beat daily stress! Part Four

24th Nov 2011

Stress and the ocean of life

Stress can be caused by the smallest of things. I want to use this article to talk about a theory that I have coined that really helps me deal with the little things. I find that the easiest way to remember things is to use stories or metaphors. Based on this, let’s go for a swim in the ocean of life!

Don’t stress about the small stuff!

If you study the laws of the universe, you find that for every up, there normally is a down. Before I get accused of being negative, the ups and downs don’t have to be large, they just are. A good example would be achieving a big goal and then being late for a appointment because of traffic. The achievement of the goal is great and the getting stuck in traffic isn’t going to end the world.

The problem is that we tend to over react to the little challenges we face day to day. Have you ever said, “That’s it my day is ruined” because you were late or you hit your elbow off your bed side cabinet when you woke up? It’s funny how the day tends to follow this pattern if you make the decision that the “day is ruined” I don’t want to patronise, but this is a decision which can be changed.

How to use ripples and tidal waves

I look at life like an ocean, as I write this, I am healthy and alive. That is a really good place to start. This is your start point for dealing with daily stress. The next way to deal with daily stress is judge everything that happens to us on its merits. For example, ripping a hole in your socks in the morning, this really isn’t that much of a problem, so I would class this as a “ripple” in the ocean. A ripple in the ocean isn’t that important or noticeable. The problem is that we turn the ripples into waves by making them worse than they are.


The choice to live life this way makes everything little niggle a problem and causes undue stress. Life may deliver tidal waves which are things like bereavement or a serious accident. If you can’t deal with the small stuff, the big stuff will destroy you. Every time something happens to you, say to yourself, “is this a ripple?” if it is, move on and stay focused on your goals. This really works and I highly recommend using this technique on a day to day basis.

Final Thoughts

As I have mentioned before, you don't need to meditate all day or study the laws of universe to beat stress. The process starts with a little common sense. Small events that come along to niggle at you will always exist. It really is true that we shouldn’t sweat the small stuff.

Negative thoughts tend to spiral so don’t let a small little thing spoil your day. Things just happen sometimes so don’t take it personally and keep going.

John Hill, Inspiring Fitness Personal Trainer