Inspiring Fitness Personal Trainer featured in Channel 4 Documentary

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Inspiring Fitness Personal Trainer featured in Channel 4 Documentary

20th Apr 2009
Holly Young

Inspiring Fitness Personal Trainer Marcus McDonald, was featured on the Channel 4 documentary ‘The Hospital’ and GMTV.

'The Hospital', which looks at the rising number of obese teenagers in the UK, follows the story of 19 year old, Holly Young.

Holly has been referred to Hospital, where increasingly younger and younger patients are being referred for help in tackling their weight and where many are asking for a gastric band.

The programme shows how Holly decides not to take the easy option of having a gastric band fitted, and by being introduced to her Inspiring Fitness Personal Trainer, she completely turns her life around, losing over 3 ½ stone in just 6 months.............

Today Holly said…

I felt like I was stuck in a hole that no one could help me escape from, but then thank goodness I found Inspiring Fitness. When you’re overweight and feeling self-conscious the last place you want to go is a gym. My personal trainer came to my home, brought the gym to me and made exercising so much fun I actually looked forward to my sessions with him! He not only changed my body, but changed my life. He has given me a healthy new way of life where I actually enjoy exercise and I’ve never been so happy”

Marcus, who has been a Personal Trainer for 9 years said...

It was a pleasure training Holly and watching how her attitude to exercise completely changed. The biggest challenge at first was getting her to believe in herself, but once Holly had found her confidence and we got into a routine of exercising at least 3 hours a week, the weight began to fall off. Seeing that the exercise routine was actually working sparked Holly's self-motivation and led to dramatic improvements in her overall health and weight loss."

"My philosophy is if exercise is the spark, good food is the fuel, without both there can be no flame and thus no results."

The Inspiring Fitness team currently train people across the UK and will travel to your home, at a time to suit you and bring all the equipment you need. So as Holly found there really is no excuse not to get fit!